Thursday, March 05, 2009

Owens Out

By the way, the Cowboys cut Terrell Owens yesterday. In the style of the Bush administration, the news was leaked late last night, so if you went to bed early you probably didn't hear about it until this morning. Initial thoughts: a) I was convinced that Jerry Jones wouldn't cut T.O. until T.O. duplicated the mess he made in Philadelphia; like many, I'm guilty of yet again underestimating Jones; b) while I generally am leery of squishy explanations for why teams fail, I do think divisions in the locker room greatly hampered this team last year but c) getting rid of T.O. is only the beginning of the process necessary to fix those problems; T.O. had supporters and they're not going to be happy about this. And d) as much trouble as he was T.O. was far and away the best receiver on this team, and still a top receiver in the league, and absent a break-out year from Williams or Austin or Hurd or a career year for Crayton, his productivity will be very hard to replace. So anybody who thinks that getting rid of T.O. means the Cowboys are necessarily playoff bound, should just try not to think that so much. This is a start, but this team has a lot more problems than T.O., all of which are likely to be focused on even more now.

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