Friday, April 03, 2009

Friday Links

For your edification:

1. Via Volokh, Congress takes on the issue of cyber security.

2. A federal judge rules that some detainees being held at Bagram in Afghanistan can challenge their detention in court.

3. Social Security is clogged with a backlog of disability cases. In my law school's legal clinic, I was very bluntly informed by the senior attorneys working there that the Social Security Administration always denies an initial application for disability, regardless of the merits. And that they will fight tooth and nail to deny benefits to all but those who are most clearly disabled (such as with blindness, paralysis, loss of limb, etc.) The SSA's role should be to to fairly dispense entitlement benefits, but they seem to regard themselves as the government's moneysavers.

4. Speaking of government malfeasance, immigrants die in custody and not only does nobody care, but nobody even bothers to report it. I understand the need to enforce immigration laws in our country, but we treat detained immigrants worse than we treat terrorist being held at Guantanamo Bay.

5. The Iowa Supreme Court unanimously strikes down the state's ban on gay marriage finding that it violates the Iowa State Constitution forbidding . According to Maggie Gallagher, teenagers will now begin fornicating left and right (more than they already do, I presume.)

6. Photographs from the day Martin Luther King Jr. died.

7. The U.S. Men's soccer team beat Trinidad and Tobago the other night, 3-0. The score probably should've been worse for T&T, who looked out of sync and discombobulated all night. All three goals came from the feet of Jozy Altidore, who's put in two phenomenal performances for the national team. But nobody should declare him the great American hope yet, as we've seen this sort of thing before (Eddie Johnson, anyone?)

8. The Mavericks cling to the hope that they can grab the 7th seed and avoid a first round match-up against L.A. They're getting a little help from Utah, but they need to win out to have a chance.

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