Thursday, April 09, 2009

How 'Bout Those Mavs?

The Dallas Mavericks destroyed Utah last night (with the help of Josh Howard, who had his best game of the season) and sealed a playoff berth for the ninth straight year in a row. I guess I haven't been paying attention but the win, combined with Hornets loss to Phoenix last night, puts the Mavs in position to not only grab the 7th seed in the West, but perhaps even the 6th, which would have them facing Denver or San Antonio in the first round instead of the Lakers. They face the Hornets at home and on the road in their next two games, games which they really are going to have to win to have a shot at the sixth seed. Hey, it ain't 67-15 and a trip to the Finals, but it's always better to have one more game to play.

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