Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Al Franken wins! (but you already knew that)

It's taken them long enough:

The Minnesota Supreme Court on Tuesday ordered that Democrat Al Franken be certified as the winner of the state's long-running Senate race, paving the way for a resolution in the seven-month fight over the seat.
The court ruled unanimously in favor of Franken over cry-baby Norm Coleman's idiotic appeals (though he may try to take it to the U.S. Supreme Court, but fat chance of that). Gov. Tim Pawlenty had previously said he'd sign the certificate of election unless ordered not to.

Hopefully, Franken will be certified the winner immediately and can take his seat when the Senate returns from its Fourth of July recess. The Democrats will have the coveted 60 seats, although we've noted before that this only makes their caucus filibuster-proof if they all vote together.

Still, this is a day of justice in what has been an insanely-long road to victory. I love Al Franken, and I simply can't wait to see him as a freakin' United States Senator!

UPDATE: At long last, the loser concedes.


Xanthippas said...

Now, poor Coleman will be forced to go back to being paid millions to be a lawyer.

Nat-Wu said...

I really hope this is the end of it.