Friday, June 05, 2009

Legislative Update XV

The House of Representatives passed the Federal Employees Paid Parental Leave Act which would provide four weeks of paid leave for federal workers following the birth or adoption of a child (currently federal employees must use annual or sick leave to be with their new children). The House also passed bills recognizing seven Native American tribes and a resolution honoring those that died in the Tiananmen Square protests twenty years ago that also calls on China to free remaining prisoners and launch a UN-backed probe of its crackdown.

GOP opposition to IMF funding delayed a vote on funding the wars in Aghanistan and Iraq. Why would this matter, you ask? Well, the combined votes of Republicans and those Democrats who don't vote for war funding on principle would have been enough to defeat the legislation, but this will likely be worked out next week. What I want to know is: Can we start running ads that say House Republicans denied funding for our troops? Hell, these days they are even revealing secret information on intelligence briefings. Traitors, all!

The Senate overwhelmingly voted to consider legislation that would allow the FDA to regulate tobacco, which the House has passed already. Republicans are dragging out a vote until next week though.

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