Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Morning Links

Some Tuesday morning reading for you:

1. The protests and demonstrations in Iran continue, despite the government's agreement to a "partial recount" of the election results. The NY Times says Ayatollah Khamenei is blinking, but how much? And Glenn Greenwald wonders if Iran would have arrived at this point if the Iran hawks, now cheering on the demonstrations, had gotten their way and convinced the Bush adminitration to bomb Iran.

2. Abu Zubaydah said in a 2007 hearing that his interrogators with the CIA acknowledged they were mistaken about his role in Al Qaeda, according to transcripts obtained by the ACLU (h/t Adam.) If that's true, it merely means they admitted to him what the rest of us have already known about Zubaydah for awhile.

3. Netanyahu has proposed that Israel recognize the Palestinian right to a state, but only if the Palestinians recognize Israel's right to exist first.

4. The recently released Uighurs: life on the beach is great, except for the fact that they can never go home or see their families again.

5. Obama has appointed a new American Indian advisor. The Department of Justice has also announced efforts to boost its crime-fighting operations in Indian Country.

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