Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wednesday Morning Reading

Some things for you to ponder this morning:

1. A senior cleric in Iran comes out against the election results. But were they rigged? Critics say yes.

2. Some analysis of Netanyahu's announcement that Israel would consider recognition of a Palestinian state. A step forward, but still balking on other important considerations like settlement expansion.

3. A Presidential election and some new laws, but the end result is the same; you can't trust the NSA not to spy on the American people.

4. Speaking of intelligence agencies, the CIA is fighting the release of it's own internal reports regarding interrogations of "high-value" detainees. Obviously, there's something in embarrassing in them.

5. Speaking of detainees, here are some people who don't wet their pants at the thought of being responsible for them.

6. Obama will announce that the federal government will extend benefits to the domestic partners, including same-sex partners and spouses, of federal employees.

7. The Obama administration is proposing regulatory changes that will broaden government oversight of banks and the financial markets.

8. And lastly, another great column of David Leonhardt at the New York Times. This time he takes on the scare word "rationing" and explains how health care is already rationed ineffeciently and unfairly everyday in America.

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