Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Good news?

Talking Points Memo has a post about about a new PPP poll showing that one-third of New Jersey conservatives believe President Obama definitely is or might be the anti-Christ. This is sure to enrage and shock many of those in this country who are still sane, but I'm no longer surprised at such results.

However, what does surprise me is why there would still be such heavy opposition from conservatives for President Obama? Presumably, many, if not all, of these conservatives are fundamentalists Christians. If so, they should be rejoicing at the news that the anti-Christ may have arrived. This would mean that the prophecies in Revelations are coming true and that the Second Coming is just around the corner! Jesus is about to come take them to heaven and send all us abortion-loving gay liberals to hell! I mean, if I were a conservative, I would think this even better than that time Sarah Palin winked at me during the Vice Presidential debate.

All kidding aside, these people are seriously nuts.


Xanthippas said...

First black President = antichrist.

Yeah, but racism's dead!

Nat-Wu said...

Yeah, but 2 million people marched on Washington to protest him! Har har.