Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Stop the presses, stop the presses, we're not supposed to tell on the government! (800th post)

Regarding the recent "leak" on the Treasury Department's examination of banking records, Republicans in the House are aiming to pass a resolution condemning the news sources that exposed this story. Given the shenanigans that same newspaper (the NY Times) has also uncovered, such as the domestic wiretap story, hopefully not too many constituents are going to back their Representatives on this one. After all, somebody has to be watching the government (besides the government, that is, as the Bush administration would have it).

Kentucky Republican Sen. Jim Bunning said on Fox News that those who wrote, published and leaked the story should be tried for treason.

I think this is a good response:

Wisconsin Democratic Rep. David Obey said on the House floor that "both the Chinese Communist government and our own administration appear to be interested in doing almost anything in order to prevent legitimate news organizations from reporting activities on people who govern each country."

I mean, there are a lot of idiot Americans out there who think that the government should do anything it has to to "protect" us, but most Americans just aint in favor of the government prying into our lives and keeping it secret. Really, do we need to be emulating the Soviet Union or the Republic of China? TWM has asked this question before, and the answer the Bush administration has given repeatedly is basically, "Yes."


adam said...

The idea it undermines national security is ridiculous anyway. As if the terrorists wouldn't think we might be tracking their conversation or financial records! The only thing revealed by these leakers is the illegal nature of the searches the Bush administration was doing, and given that, the Times absolutely did the right thing by publishing these stories. They should serve the people, not the government.

Worse still is the utter hypocrisy of the administration for attacking these leaks in the first place, when they have been guilty of leaks themselves. Apparently, leaks are good when they are blowing the cover of a CIA operative whose husband was opposed to their war, or leaking cherry-picked intelligencey to garner support for said war, but it's bad if it should reveal the administration doing anything that's unconstitutional.

If anything, the Republicans on the Hill like Pete King and Pat Roberts should be tried for treason - for failing to do uphold the Constitution by holding the administration accountable for its actions.

Nat-Wu said...

Hey, make that into a letter we can send to them!