Thursday, July 20, 2006

Joining the bandwagon!

It's only yet midnight in the eastern part of the U.S. guys! Anyway, here's my picks:


Good ol’ Xanth has undoubtedly written some of the best blogs this site has had to offer and here are some of my favorites:

The newly discovered poor

It's the torture stupid!

The Constitution: Still Alive and Kicking

And I think the most unique contribution any of us have given to TWM was Xanthippas’ live coverage of the ACS national convention earlier this year (although I think his paid trip to the convention is a Jerome Armstrong-esque scandal in the making! Just kidding, he's an editor-at-large for them too). Here are the links to day 1, 2, 3 and, uh, 3.

Another area I'd like to point out is this wiseman's probing and analysis of ethical issues, such as in this blog and this one.

One final thing I've quite enjoyed from this wise man is his direct rebukes of columns by conservatives. Here are some favorites:

Krauthhammer Still Wrong on Iran

Christopher Hitchens Still Insane


This wise man's greatest achievement so far I believe is his excellent post on Somalia from a few weeks ago, which I think has brought an in-depth analysis I've seen *nowhere* else. You can find that here.

But Nat-Wu has certainly brought us a lot of good analysis on a wide array of issues, often adding a moral clarity that I think is easily lost in the blogosphere and in political punditry in general. Here are some good examples:

A Red Child in White Man's World

Immigration Reform

Problems with lethal injection

Much in the same Xanth has looked at ethical issues, Nat-Wu has explored many interesting local and non-political issues. Here are some good examples:

Bottled Water: Not Good For You

It appears the soft-drink industry has caved

UTA forced to take down flags in Nedderman Hall

In the end, I am proud to be part of a blog that features such talented minds and writers, and will humbly keep being a part of it as we take on new issues over the next year.


Xanthippas said...

Scandal...ha! Truth is they did pay me...but truth is they also didn't notice I was there, so it evens out, right? Wait...we should be so lucky to have a scandal. Think of the press! I'll pm you...

Anyway...I guess we did jump the gun a little! But at least this way our Friday readers will have all day to enjoy our annivesary with us, right?

Nat-Wu said...

Hey, I wish people paid us for our trips. But I think excursions like Xanthippas' to DC and yours to actually meet Texas politicians give you valuable field experience and credibility. Now I have to figure out how my trips out to the desert have given me credibility!

Xanthippas said...

Just do some live-blogging on the border with some of the Minutement.