Thursday, July 20, 2006

Wow, two years already!

We've come a long way from our humble beginnings where we were basically writing for each other to having over 1,000 hits a month. Do they read us? I don't really know, but it looks good on the hit counter! The guys had the idea that we'd pick one or two posts of the others which are our favorites. Well, I had a little trouble with that. Xanthippas and Adam both have a bunch of stuff that I enjoyed reading and which I think people should read. So I thought I'd just throw out a couple of each that are representative of their writings and should serve as appropriate paeans to their talents.

Adam's the best, I think, at coming up with plans to take action on:

The 14th Amendment, Birthright Citizenship, and Illegal Immigrants

We Can't Stay the Course, We Must Change the Course: Why We Should Set a Timetable for Withdrawal and Redeployment of U.S. Troops in Iraq

And from big bro Xanthippas, we expect incredibly long, information-packed posts that make you angry about things you never even heard of before:

Terrorized by Bureaucracy

The Animal Made Human

After two years, there's a lot of good stuff to choose from, but I'm going to leave it at two choices for each of you guys. Here's to two more years, and 2,000 visitors a month!! YEEHAWWWWW!!!!


Xanthippas said...

Why does "incredibly long" not sound like a compliment?? Sounds reminiscent of the "incredibly long" articles I've sent you guys in the past and gotten complaints about!

Nat-Wu said...

Well, in the sense that you dedicate plenty of time to your subjects, it's a good thing. In the sense that not all casual readers are even going to look at something that long, much less read it, it could be a bad thing. But remember, even if I complain, I do read them, so at least it's worth it for one person.

adam said...

Next year we can do a
"worst posts" retrospective.

copy editor said...