Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Alright, it's time to start planning that victory parade!

Even as the Bush administration urges Americans to stay the course in Iraq, Republicans in Congress have put down a quiet marker in the apparent hope that V-I Day might be only months away.

Tucked away in fine print in the military spending bill for this past year was a lump sum of $20 million to pay for a celebration in the nation’s capital “for commemoration of success” in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Now how funny is that? Talk about overconfidence!


Xanthippas said...

That's so utterly ridiculous it's almost impossible to believe.

But, we know better with this group.

adam said...

Disgusting. And it's funny how the Republicans won't claim it.

copy editor said...

do you think they would have rolled this out if they had achieved 300,000 "trained and equipped" without the excessive sectarian violence?

Fan Boy said...

How ridiculous and preposterous. You want that $20 million to mean something, split is between the families of the 2500+ service men who have died and the 5000+ injured who will come home to no jobs because of their disabilities - repulsive.

Nat-Wu said...

That would be a much better use. Good suggestion.