Thursday, October 05, 2006

GOP On the Wrong Path

Just a quick note about what won't work in defusing the Foley scandal.

1) Pointing out Democrat's past sex scandals. Why won't this work? Because those scandals did not involve the Democratic leadership covering up or ignoring what their colleagues were doing...and the American people are not so stupid as to not realize that fact. Only people who'd throw their hat in with the GOP even if turned out to be the front party for alien invaders from Mars are going to buy into this, and it's not their votes you're worried about.

2) Trying to link gays to pedophilia, and concocting some bizarre gay conspiracy (via Kevin Drum) among House members. First of all, that's absurd. Secondly, as Kevin points out:

To the Christian right base, the idea that the Republican party has been infiltrated by a gay mafia will do nothing but disgust them, keeping them away from the polls in droves. To everyone else, watching the the GOP resurrect its tried-and-true gay-bashing formula to divert attention from its own failings will seem revolting. There's literally no one who will react well to this.

Except those who'd vote for the GOP even if it was the front party for...well, you get the idea.

3) Running around throwing each other under the bus isn't working either. In about one day the story shot from being about what Foley was up to, to what the House leaders knew about it. And it's stayed on that ever since, because they can't seem to agree on what they told each other when, or when who knew what, nor can they seem to agree not to turn on each other for the sake of their party.

Here's what has the only chance of working: purge whoever had any involvement in this, whether they really deserve it or not, from Hastert to lowly staffers, and invite the DOJ, FBI, CIA, NSA and God only knows who else to investigate this from top to bottom, thoroughly and immediately.

Guess which course of action they won't follow?


Fan Boy said...

Here is what should be done by Reynolds:

1. Accept Responsibility
2. Tell everything
3. Apologize
4. Sponser an Investigation that
is bipartisan
5. This would all go away.

Reynolds and the other Republicans - made a seriously bad decision. That decision however was not illegal nor is it impeachable. If these guys would step up and now make the right decision, they would not be taking a hit in the poles.

Americans hate being lied to by politicians, but they are quick to forgive and forget incidents that are completly disclosed and don't smack of conspiracy or cover up.

We should all want this done quickly, this is not hurting Republicans or Democrats as much as it hurting voter confidence and turn out for Nov elections.

Xanthippas said...

I agree completely. I think this snowballed only because their first instinct was to dismiss the problem and lie about what they knew when; if they had been direct and upfront from the beginning, and acted to determine fully what's been going on, they would minimize or perhaps erase the damage being done to them in the polls.

Being that they're Republicans though, have a zeal for secrecy and bipartisanship, and are interested more in winning the mid-terms than in handling this problem, they seem incapable of taking that course of action. Ironically enough, their efforts at self-preservation are only hurting them further.

Nat-Wu said...

I have to point out that the fact that their first move was to lie is not an endorsement of the Republican party. I think being voted out would teach them to be more morally accountable.

Fan Boy said...

When the Democrats were voted out, it showed them that they only needed to beat the Republicans at their own game. I believe that is why their was so little choice in the 04' elections.

I think that what you will see in 08' is a corrected platform that stands on its own merits but is still lacking ferocity.