Sunday, January 14, 2007

Early success

In just a little over a week since taking control, the Democratic House has passed more significant legislation than the Republican-controlled one did in the entire last session. These bills include ethics and lobbying reform, new anti-terrorism measures recommended by the 9/11 commission, a minimum wage increase, funding for stem-cell research, and allowing the U.S. government to negotiate lower prescription drug prices for the Medicare Part D program. A repeal of tax breaks for oil & gas companies and cuts on student loan interest rates are scheduled for next week, completing the six legislative promises Democrats made during the 2006 campaign.

On top of it all, many Republicans are crossing over to vote for these bills. Read the Washington Post article here.

Of course, these bills still have to pass the Senate, an admittedly more time-consuming endeavor, and some will face certain veto from President Bush, such as the stem-cell research bill and the Medicare reforms. However, these bills have about 70% public support and Bush will be accountable for their end. Meanwhile, the American people have already seen the Democrats are simply a lot better at this...


Nat-Wu said...

You know, if the majority of Americans voted Democrat specifically to get these bills passed, and Bush vetos them when they are passed, what does that say about Bush's respect for the will of the people?

Xanthippas said...

That he has none, which has always been the case?

And so much for the Republicans driving a wedge in the Dems. Sorry guys, but the party that wins is usually the one that is united. It's the party that lost that has to reasses it's goals.