Saturday, January 13, 2007

Strong public support for pulling the plug on Bush's escalation

Results from the latest CNN/Opinion Research Poll:

-66% of Americans oppose sending more troops to Iraq.

-48% believe sending more troops will make no difference in how likely it is we will achieve our goals in Iraq and 18% believe it will make it less likely.

-61% support a Congressional resolution that would take specific steps to prevent Bush's plan to send more troops to Iraq with 60% saying they support Congress blocking the funding.

-54% think Congress should vote to allow the government to spend money only to withdraw troops from Iraq.


Nat-Wu said...

What's at question is not whether the majority of Americans want to withdraw, but whether Bush will respond to this public mandate.

Xanthippas said...

These number are of course not irrelevant to Bush and his advisors. I'm sure he "considers" them carefully. But, numbers alone won't stop him. Until Congress takes a stand and poeple are in the streets, this administration will continue to look to escalating the war in Iraq and expanding it to beyond the borders of the country.