Friday, June 08, 2007

Lo, How the Mighty Have Fallen

And raised others in their place:

Indeed, Rove’s political magic has worked an amazing transformation of the American electoral landscape – but it’s for the Democrats. If we count both those who identify themselves directly with a party and those who “lean” to it, then America is now happily in the bosom of the Democratic Party. 54% of all Americans now call themselves “Democrats,” against 36% who view themselves as “Republicans” – an 18-point difference. If this trend holds into the 2008 elections and is translated into preference votes for Congressional seats (two enormous “ifs”), the radical transformation of Congress begun in 2006 will continue, with the Republicans moved to an increasingly marginal position.

If it weren't for the fact that Democrats are now charged with fixing everything Bush and his Republican allies in Congress have done wrong for the last seven years, the success in November 2006 and the likely success in November 2008 would bring cries of celebration. As it stands, they only bring sighs of relief.

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Fan Boy said...

The Democratic voters are in danger of giving the white house back to the republicans already.

Everyone is assuming that the Democrats are going to win the White House. The problem is that keeps democratic voters or would be voters at home. They better have a better get out the vote campaign this go around or they are kegger toast.

I also think you will not see the democratization go further. People like the negotiating going on and believe then they are getting the best deal. Who ever wins the White House don't expect them to carry Congress.

I also think that in the last election Republicans kept to George W Bush. Afterwards it is now everyman for himself.

I hope Hillary wins, she is by far the best suited so far for the job.