Friday, June 08, 2007


Why Gitmo? Why torture? According to Paul Woodward, the goal wasn't so much to get useful intelligence as it was to "terrorize terrorists." Given how little of the former we've gotten, who can say the latter theory is wrong?


Fan Boy said...

While I disagree with torture by our goverment, I am not willing to say it was done in vein.

The US has a long standing history of bending the rules when it places a need above those rules.

The detainees are not mindless idiots they are idealist - the hardest people to crack. It is not suprising that we've gotten little from a sect of people who hope that they die so as to become heroes for their cause.

The problem is when you bend the rule even a little no one assumes you do not bend it all the way.

Xanthippas said...

I'd agree with you except I think conservatives have routinely assumed that the Bush administration would not "bend the rules" all the way, which is why they think it's okay to give them all the leeway in the world.