Saturday, September 29, 2007

Kronyism, cont.

Howard Krongard, the State Dept. IG who's already in trouble for allegedly blocking investigations into wrong-doings in the State Dept., is getting more attention from House Oversight Committee Chairman Henry Waxman:

In the letter, Waxman explains that one week after he informed Krongard of the accusations being made by employees within his department, the whistleblowers were accosted by one of Krongard’s subordinates: a congressional affairs liaison who works for the State IG’s office. Here’s what one whistleblower reports that he was told:

[T]he congressional liaison told him: “You have no protection against reprisal. You have no whistleblower protections. Howard could retaliate and you would have no recourse.”

If there was any doubt about whether the Inspector General has been improperly carrying out the duties of his office, he’s confirmed it with his attempts to retaliate against his own employees, at least one of whom he had previously lauded as “one of my best investigators.”

Waxman directed Krongard “to suspend all communications (other than those necessary to collect responsive documents) with employees the Committee is planning to interview.”

This leads, combined with my last post on Krongard, leads me not only to question Krongard's integrity, but also his intelligence. Retaliating against your underlings while you're being investigated is only slightly stupider than sending nasty emails to people that you're planning on suing.

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