Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Mama's Rules

I don't know about you, but this list from The Local Crank makes me want to hop on with Sally Field and put everybody's mom in charge of the world. Here are some highlights from his list:

  1. There would, in fact, be no war because we are ALL family and we are GOING to learn how to get along or she will know the reason why;
  2. If war did break out, it would end quickly. Probably with a fly swatter or possibly a wooden spoon. At the very least, the offending nations would be restricted to their bedrooms until they had an opportunity to think about what they had done;
  3. No one, particularly grandchildren, would ever go hungry. Moreover, they would get good food, not that junk they serve nowadays. And if they behaved themselves, they would get home-made ice cream or fry-bread with cinnamon and powdered sugar. And they'd probably be allowed to allowed to put the powdered sugar on themselves;
  4. The environment would be cleaned up and it had best stay that way, because all you nations are old enough now to clean up your own messes and not make her have to come along and pick up after you. United States, China, I'm looking at you!
  5. Not only would there be universal healthcare, but everyone would visit the dentist and the eye doctor at least once a year;
  6. Everyone would be encouraged to go as far and as high as their wits and talents could take them, everyone would get a good education if they just buckled down and tried hard and everyone would be allowed to make their own mistakes, but there would always be someone there to help them out when they did.

Amen! Sign me and my mama up!


The Local Crank said...

Thanks for the link. I'm trying to make this my first official viral meme (well, second, after the whole "Kitten Bitin' Republicans" fiasco), so join in! What would the world be like if YOUR mamas were in charge?

Nat-Wu said...

Well, all the aforementioned, plus dogs and cats would have rights equal to a human's.