Wednesday, September 19, 2007

More Hackery

Via Andrew Sullivan, we see that employment at the NRO (as opposed to employing yourself at your own right-wing blog) is not an antidote for partisan hackery and power worship. Sullivan's pretty mad about it, but his ire is aimed at the President:

Previous war-presidents have gathered opponents into their cabinets, reached out to estranged former allies, engaged in aggressive diplomacy to maximize effectiveness and rallied the whole country for the fight. What does this one do? Gets a bunch of right-wing "journalists" into the White House to spread some partisan talking points. What a fucking disgrace this man and his journalistic lackeys are.

Excuse my language. But I can't take this any longer. We're at war; and he's still playing Rove's game.

I reserve most of my scorn for the enablers in the media and at the right-wing blogs. Still, it's a step up from high-fives and "brutha." But only one step.

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