Thursday, October 11, 2007


A 0-0 score is about the worst result in soccer, short of a 0-0 score followed by penalty kicks. So ended the FC Dallas game tonight against Chivas USA. Not a bad match, but one bereft of many scoring opportunities (other than a fantastic shot on goal by Arturo Alvarez in the waning moments of the game.) FC Dallas looked organized in the back (for once) and dominated the run of the game, but just couldn't put together quality opportunities on goal. It didn't help matters for Bobby Rhine to get a straight red card in the 81st minute for hollering at the short-fused referee Brian Hall after a foul he wasn't even involved in, but neither did the man advantage seem to do much for Chivas.

Regardless, Dallas looked a lot better tonight than they have as of late, though they're going to have to take it up quite a bit if they want to have a chance against Houston in the first round of the playoffs.

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