Friday, October 12, 2007

Gore Wins Nobel Prize


Former vice president Al Gore and a United Nations panel that monitors climate change were jointly awarded the Nobel Peace Prize today for their work educating the world about global warming and advocating for political action to control it.

The Norwegian Nobel Committee characterized Gore as "the single individual who has done most" to convince world governments and leaders that climate change is real, is caused by human activity, and poses a grave threat. Gore has focused on the issue through books, promotional events and his Academy Award-winning documentary "An Inconvenient Truth."

He's earned it.

UPDATE: Then there are useless responses like this, wherein the author apparently has spent so much time drafting his rant about Al Gore that he forgot to notice that global warming IS a threat to peace and stability, especially in places like...oh, Darfur.


Nat-Wu said...

And we passed him over for a guy who can't even read his own speeches properly. Anybody who voted for Bush last time and the time before should abdicate their vote this time to people who know better.

adam said...

An Oscar, an Emmy, and now a Nobel Peace Prize. All I can say is "Run, Al, Run!"