Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Americans solidly opposed to unconditional Iraq funding

A new poll released by Democratic Congresswoman Barbara Lee's One Voice PAC has shows nearly 70% percent of Americans strongly oppose Congress providing more money for Iraq funding without conditions and support re-directing money to pay for a withdrawal of troops.

The question: “President Bush wants Congress to approve a $200 billion dollar request to continue funding the Iraq war and keep the troops in Iraq. Should Congress … vote against the $200 billion funding request; vote for the $200 billion funding request without conditions; or vote for the $200 billion funding request, but specify that it can be used only to protect U.S. troops and contractors and bring them home, rather than to continue the war?”

The results: Among registered voters, just 23 percent supported the president’s request without conditions while 22 percent supported voting against the funding and 47 percent supported providing funding only for redeployment.
It was statistically similar among all adults.
Interestingly, only Republican male voters have a majority in favor of approving the funding request without conditions, but even their support is just 57 percent.

The poll was announced on the fifth anniversary of the House vote authorizing the use of force against Iraq - October 10th, 2002 (sadly, the Senate voted for it a day later on my birthday).

Lee is joined by 86 other members of Congress who have signed a letter to President Bush stating their opposition to voting for any Iraq spending measure that does not bring troops home. Back in July, just 70 House members signed the letter. Now, more than a third of the caucus is in support and could be very influential in the next spending fight.

You can tell your representative to sign the letter here.

UPDATE: 89 members of the House have now signed the letter.

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