Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Some in Farmer's Branch seek to restrict paint

In another article that proves Farmer's Branch is the kind of place nobody sane wants to live in, some residents have put forth the idea of restricting the colors people can paint their houses in:

Neon greens, bright pinks, electric blues – the colors may look dazzling on tropical fish, but some Farmers Branch residents would rather not see them on their neighbors' houses.

"When you paint your house some fluorescent or garish color scheme, you negatively affect my [home] value," said Robin Bernier, who with fellow resident Matt Burton has asked the City Council to consider requiring permits and color approval before residents can repaint.

Should I even say what I think of these guys? I don't believe that the color of your neighbor's house is going to be the deciding factor for any potential buyers of your house. This guy doesn't either:

Neely Blackman, president of the Code Enforcement Association of Texas, said he knew of no evidence that house color makes a difference in property values. "Now neighbors make a difference," he said, citing issues such as junk cars.

Even if it was true, more than likely it's still your problem. I'm sure Xanthippas could elaborate, but if you take the example that someody cuts down the trees in their yard, thus allowing more light to stream into your West-facing windows, thus raising your need for air-conditioning, thus costing you more in electricity, there's no way you're going to take that to court and recoup any costs!

But seriously, do these guys even think of what they're trying to do? Is this not still America, where we have this ideal of freedom? Shouldn't I be able to paint an American flag on my garage door if I want? Jeez, why do people always pop out of the woodwork to tell you you can't live the way you want to live?


TXsharon said...

I'm going to paint my house neon pink and turquoise in solidarity.

Xanthippas said...

I'm sure Xanthippas could elaborate...

Yes, that's pretty much correct. In fact outside of zoning codes, the only way you can get away with stopping someone from painting their house as they see fit is to claim it's a nuisance, which is usually a pretty high bar to meet. Unfortunately zoning restrictions are a pretty low bar to meet under the US and Texas Constitutions, as near as I can tell anyway. So while Farmer's Branch probably can do this, the fact is they are stupidly inviting more controversy on themselves with a provision that is aimed almost certainly at both illegal and legal immigrants of Hispanic origin.