Thursday, October 25, 2007

Paul Wellstone tribute

The Politico has a nice tribute article of sorts to the late Sen. Paul Wellstone of Minnesota, who, tragically died in a plane crash almost 5 years ago. Al Franken and Mike Ciresi are both fighting to claim his populist mantle and take out Republican Sen. Norm Coleman who still barely eked out a victory in 2002 despite Wellstone's death (former Vice President Walter Mondale was nominated as the new candidate just five days before the election), giving the GOP a Senate majority. It's one of the top races for next year, and one Democrats are most excited about winning. If you don't know much about Wellstone, read the article and you'll see why.

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Xanthippas said...

I see yet again that liberals are willing to exploit a man's death for pure, partisan political gain in the form of a magazine article.