Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Election Results (National)

The two big gubernatorial races this year are taking place in Mississippi (where Gov. Haley Barbour is expected to easily win re-election) and Kentucky (where Democratic challenger Steve Beshear is expected to crush the corrupt Ernie Fletcher).

State legislature races in Virginia are also peaking the interest of observers around the country. Democrats need a four-seat pickup to take the state senate. If this happens, it'll be further proof that this once solid red-state is turning blue. In 2005, Lt. Gov. Tim Kaine won the governorship and kept it in Democratic hands. In 2006, Jim Webb beat Sen. George Allen. 2008 is a walk for former Gov. Mark Warner to take Sen. John Warner's seat. Polls also show the presidential race to be competitive even though George W. Bush won it easily in 2004. Democratic victory here will ensure its place as a battleground state.

UPDATE: It's Beshear in a landslide and there's other statewide victories for Kentucky Dems too. From Kos:
Both the governor's and treasurer races in Kentucky have been called in favor of the Democrats. It looks like we'll grab the Attorney General's office as well, while losing the Secretary of State and Commissioner of Agriculture races.

Also, State Auditor Crit Luallen is cruising to reelection with around 62% of the vote. All eyes will be on her soon to see if she jumps in the KY-Sen race against Mitch McConnell.
Barbour, as expected, easily won re-election.

UPDATE II: In more good news, Not Larry Sabato is reporting that while the House of Delegates is staying in GOP control (Dems gained seats, however), Virginia Dems have taken control of the state senate!

UPDATE III: The Washington Post looks at the Virginia races and says anti-immigration rhetoric from Republicans again failed to win them elections.

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