Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Election Results (Texas)

On the ballot are constitutional amendments and special election for state house district 97, in which one Democrat - Dan Barrett - is running against 6 Republicans so a run-off may occur. A win here would make the state house 79-71, meaning Democrats would need to win just 5 more seats in 2008 to attain a majority. They won 6 in last year's elections.

I'll update with the final results, but live election returns for the amendments can be found here. Those for the special election can be found here.

UPDATE: Dan Barrett got a plurality of the vote with 32%, with the nearest Republican Mark Shelton getting 23%. Both will advance to a runoff election in December. All the constitutional amendments look to pass easily.

Most important among them, Texans voted to authorize up to $3 billion in bonds over 10 years to create a cancer research center (this was the only amendment endorsed by the Texas Democratic Party). The proposal was pushed by Lance Armstrong.

UPDATE III: I'm not going to report on everything that happened either locally or nationally because, quite frankly, tons of other sites are doing it better. But here's one more really interesting thing: Houston Mayor Bill White easily won re-election and the Houston Chronicle thinks he's running for the Democratic nomination for Texas governor in 2008.

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