Friday, December 07, 2007

More Stuff

Sorry for the extremely light blogging as of late, but we are three are, as the Romans might say, ad vitam paramus. Still, I would be remiss not to stop by for a moment and recommend some reading to you. So here go you.

First, there's this revelatory comment that explains exactly why right-wing blogs are so incredibly lacking in influence but are still so incredibly useful to their masters in power. Why they blog in such a manner is left unexplained, though you would do well to refer to Bob Altermeyer for the definitive explanation on why those on the far right are for the most part incapable of thinking for themselves.

Also, in utterly un-shocking news, CIA personnel apparently destroyed videotaped interrogations of high-value terrorist suspects that involved them carrying, embarrassing activities. They did so despite the fact that they were advised by nearly everyone-from officials in the Bush administration to members of Congress-to keep the tapes. Nonetheless, this news should come as no surprise, as frequently criminals will destroy evidence of their crimes. President Bush claims to know nothing about the tapes, which makes you wonder how effective a leader can be when he appears to know nothing about crucial activities of his underlings, like filming the torturing of terrorist suspects and then destroying those tapes, or concluding that Iran's nuclear weapons program ended years ago. It would appear that, unlike our illustrious leader, some Democrats actually knew about the tapes and the plan to destroy them...and said nothing, of course (though some appear to want to at least make a show of closing the barn door even though the horse is long gone.)

Also, Howard Krongard, the naughty State IG whose job it seemed was more to cover up indiscretions than expose them, is out. Maybe now he'll have time to sit down with his brother and talk about what they really talked about.

That's it for now. Have a good weekend.

UPDATE: Kevin Drum reminds us that had the CIA bothered to keep those tapes, we would've been privileged to see the torture of a mentally ill detainee who-according to inside accounts-fabricated wild and fantastic plots. Of course to the right, this is probably a justification for torture. Better safe than sorry, eh?

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