Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Sports Update

Well, the Dallas Cowboys were rolling towards a bye and home-field advantage in the playoffs...until they got knee-capped by an extremely stingy Philadelphia defense this Sunday, losing 10-6. With a victory by Green Bay that left them tied in the standings with the Cowboys (but trailing by virtue of the tie-break victory by the Cowboys earlier this month) things are a little more unsettled than they appeared to be only a week ago. Theories for the Cowboys poor play range from the Jessica Simpson curse to the annual December swoon. But to be fair, Dallas defeated Detroit last week despite their poor play, something that certainly did not happen in the midst of last December's collapse. So I for one am unwilling to declare them in the middle of a meltdown...at least until after this next game against a very beat-able Carolina, where things will be a little rougher with two of the Cowboys' starting safeties out for Saturday.

The Mavericks are looking much better this last week, with victories over three respectable teams, New Orleans, Houston and a close one against Charlotte last night. Trade rumors continue to swirl however, with the latest ones involving Jason Kidd. Getting back on track in the regular season is better than losing, but as far as I'm concerned, the Mavericks still need some fundamental changes to rid them of the weaknesses that have dogged them these past two years in the playoffs. The Mavs head staff sound as reluctant to pull the trigger as ever though.

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