Monday, January 07, 2008

Sports Fun

It is decided. The Dallas Cowboys will play the NY Giants this coming Sunday. Of the three possibilities for playoff opponents that existed before this weekend, Tampa Bay was preferred. Their elimination at the hands of the Giants shows why. I generally don't buy into momentum talk ("momentum" or the lack thereof is usually a good post hoc explanation for a team's success in the playoffs, but is it a big surprise that teams that lose a few games going into the playoffs frequently lose in the playoffs? Maybe it's because they're not actually that good, you know.) But the Giants decision to give the Patriots a real contest was a ballsy one that has, after one game at least, paid off. The Cowboys are 2-0 against the Giants this season, but that all seems like a long time ago after recent lackluster (but still winning) performances.

The Dallas Mavericks obliterated an incredibly bad Keven Garnett-less Minnesota Timberwolves yesterday, 101-78. They're now one game behind San Antonio for the lead in the Western Conference, and with a soft couple of weeks coming up, the possibility exists that they could soon be in the top spot. Jason Kidd talk still swirls, but the better the Mavs do, the less likely it is we'll see a trade. I still think the Mavs could be a better team, but nobody's asking me (least of all Mark Cuban.)

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