Saturday, February 16, 2008

Support Representative Edward Markey's Net Neutrality bill

Finally, a bill is being introduced which will legislate Net Neutrality into being. Massachusetts Representative Edward Markey is introducing HR 5353(pdf file). The essence of this bill is that it would prohibit "unreasonable interference from or discrimination by network operators" to "to preserve and promote the open and interconnected nature of broadband networks".

Naturally the telecommunications companies are opposed to this bill:

Markey's proposal was greeted with skepticism by some telecommunications companies. An advocacy group that represents some of the companies, called Hands Off the Internet, said it had no objection to studying the issue but opposed any further regulations.

Such regulations "will create uncertainty for investors and Internet service providers that must build the infrastructure to meet consumer demands," said Hands Off the Internet.

(Read the comments on this post for more information about Hands Off the Internet.)

Read some of my older posts for discussions of Net Neutrality.

I have not changed my position: I strongly favor writing Net Neutrality into law and preventing any possible abuses before they occur, although some may have already. TWM officially endorses Mukasey's bill. If you want to offer your support, go here or look up your politicians through Project Vote Smart and make your voice heard. As always, you can make a difference, so don't be afraid to write your call your elected representatives.

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Xanthippas said...

Behind it 110%!