Wednesday, March 19, 2008

More Sports News

I know you guys come here for the insightful political commentary, energy analysis and posts about deceased science fiction and fantasy authors, but I love sports too much not to comment on my local basketball, soccer, football and baseball teams. In that spirit, here's what I thought to be a pretty good preview of FC Dallas' upcoming season by Steve Davis, former soccer scribe for the Dallas Morning News. Davis knows what he's talking about, and in this preview he basically boils down FCD's chances of doing well to the ability of key vets and acquisitions to turn in consistently solid performances on the field. In other words, he (nor anybody else) knows how good or bad this team is going to be this season. Dallas battles an unfortunate history of mediocrity, but I'll go out on a limb to say that I feel better about the players on this team now than I have anytime in the last five years (even with Ruiz gone back to L.A.) If Coach Steve Morrow can relax long enough to give these guys a chance to shine on the field and in a regular formation, there's hope for better this season than anything we've seen lately around these parts.

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