Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Tibet Update (3/19)

It appeared Chinese authorities had for the most part brought Lhasa under control these last several days. But yesterday a bomb attack reportedly killed four policemen in Tibet's capital city, and scattered protests continue in Chinese provinces housing large Tibetan populations. China has continued to round-up suspected participants in the protest, claiming that it is in a "life and death" struggle in Tibet and it has responded by flooding potential areas of unrest with troops, desperate to avoid being caught off-guard again by protesters. European authorities are weighing how to deal with the delicate issue of China and the Olympics, but as this Reuters piece makes clear, when it comes to China and human rights we have to be careful not to bite the hand that feeds us.


Anonymous said...

Those are not protesters, those are organized crimes, riots, and terrorists. They are worse than the riots in New New Orleans after Kathrin . These are the same as Palestine bomb Israel, and suicide bomber in Iraq.

Anonymous said...

Do any of people here know that in the largest single casualty, 5 innocent girls working in a boutique shop were burned to death? 2 of them were ethnic Tibetans, all ranged from 22 to 26. One Tibetan girl escaped.

Innocent civilians are always victims in violent political turmoils. Not all protesters have clear vision. Some of them might simply use politics, esp. in Tibetan case, as a pretest to vent their personal frustration.

Fan Boy said...

Calling these people terrorist and criminal syndicates is disperaging and acrimonious.

That would be like calling those who took part of the civil disobedience in the Watts District Riots thugs and mercs.

China presents a falso hedgemony of cultural tolerance and that all are welcome into the Communist family. The Tibetans have not been. They are not calling for seperation like Tamils in Sri Lanka, Albanians in Kosovo, or other hot spots. They are asking for recognition and equality of treatment one of the most basic principles of the communist manifesto.

I don't agree with their actions, those who have killed, should be punished but don't loose why things are happening like the French did a year later and were once again reminded of.

The Chinese and French are doing the same thing, getting the same result and failing to fix their socieites. The Chinese are a great and wonderfully diverse people whom have given much to this world, this should not be a stain on their garment and can fully be prevented.