Thursday, March 06, 2008

Tax Returns

Absent allegations of actual fraud, why exactly would the public need to see the Clintons' tax returns? What are we supposed to find there? The Clintons have a lot of money, and are entitled to do a lot of things about their taxes that wealthy people get to do that you and I don't. This means what exactly when it comes to her qualifications to be President?


adam said...

Full disclosure? People have a right to know about their business dealings.

Fan Boy said...

Yes, business dealings - what does your taxes have to do with your business dealings?

Corporate America does not have to include its tax filings in the SEC reports, why does an individual?

In case you have not heard - Hillary already stated that she will publish them before the next primary in 6 weeks.

Nat-Wu said...

I'm not real sure their tax filings are that important, although using them you can possibly spot unethical behavior. I don't think there's anything to find in this case though.