Thursday, March 06, 2008

First Shots

NPR reports that the first of what will be untold millions in independent expenditures on the Presidential race have been spent in the form of a television commercial linking McCain to Bush that has been unveiled as a test in Erie, Pennsylvania. The group behind it is the generically named (of course) Campaign to Defend America, comprised apparently of veterans of who are none too eager to have their involvement in the group highlighted and whose money has been filtered through various liberal advocacy groups.

Of course, I have a problem with untraceable/undisclosable money being spent in the millions on electoral contests by shadowy advocacy groups, but as it is largely conservative-backed Supreme Court Justices who have helped to bring this situation about I can only say, turnabout is fair play.

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Fan Boy said...

I agree and I hope we keep finding out who is digging in, who is benifiting and how they will take it to task when it comes to keeping their financial promises on how they are going to run this campaign.