Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Noteworthy Texas Democratic Primary Results

For those of you who follow more than just the Presidential campaign, here's a round-up of the statewide, Dallas and Tarrant County results of note:

U.S. Senate: Unsurprisingly, Cornyn rolled over his primary opponent, Texas secessionist Larry Kilgore. Rick Noreiga, Cornyn's only serious opposition, managed to win fifty-one percent of the vote in the Democratic Primary to avoid a runoff against perennial candidate Gene Kelly.

Railroad Commissioner: Mark Thompson garnered forty-eight percent of the vote, not enough to avoid a runoff against Dale Henry.

Supreme Court: Sam Houston won his primary against Baltasar Cruz for Place 7, and Linda Yanez defeated Susan Criss fifty-one to forty-nine percent for Place 8.

U.S. House District 10 (Greater Houston-Northern Austin): Larry Joe Doherty defeated Dan Grant handily and will go on to face current Republican incumbent Michael McCaul in November.

Tarrant County:

County Commissioner: Democratic Incumbent Roy Brooks defeated Cora Mosley in the Precinct No. 1.

17th Judicial District: Randy Turner faced no opposition in the Democratic primary, and the four opponents in the Republican primary split the vote forcing a runoff between Melody Wilkinson, who gathered thirty-six percent of the vote and Mike Hrabal who managed only twenty-three percent (Republican incumbent Fred Davis is retiring.)

213th Judicial District: Republican Louis Sturns will face a run-off against Lisa Callaghan, as he garnered only thirty-three percent of the vote. There are no Democrats running for the 213th.

Dallas County:

Sheriff: Democratic Incumbent Lupe Valdez dispatched her three primary opponents. On the Republican side, former Sheriff Jim Bowles will face a runoff against Lowell Cannaday.


Anonymous said...

The Larry Kilgore for US Senate campaign wants to thank all those who voted for him in the GOP Primary. We are enthused and encouraged as our campaign had an uncompromising Biblical and Constitutional message and received approximately 18% of the vote. We hope this will encourage others to run for public office and to vote principle over politics.


Thank you,
Angela Wittman
Campaign Coordinator
817 522-3951

Larry Kilgore for US Senate

adam said...

I'm happy Rick Noriega avoided a runoff.

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