Wednesday, March 05, 2008


Of course, many people who died in New Orleans when Katrina hit had nothing to do with a gay pride parade, but the fundamentalist God has never been a discriminating sort.


adam said...

Some good video to go along with this about Hagee's comments and McCain:

Fan Boy said...

Please don't confuse real fundamentalist and evangelicals with people who hate people. We are not all right wing nut jobs who condemn.

Nat-Wu said...

However you describe yourself, the fundamentalist evangelical movement in America is the furthest right on the spectrum and it is mainly composed of reactionary conservatives who condemn just about everyone who's not a WASP. Generally, they are what we call hatemongers. There are fundamentalists who are not evangelical and evangelicals who are not fundamentalist (many of them, as a matter of fact), but the two combined is generally pretty toxic. You'll have to forgive us for lumping them all together, but the tolerant kind is by far the minority.