Thursday, September 18, 2008

Administrative Note

FYI: We've shifted from using Blogger's inherent comment architecture to HaloScan, which I find to be faster and more flexible. However, because the "comments" link at the bottom of the post no longer links to comments posted under the old Blogger system, it appears that there are no comments for a post unless they are under the new HaloScan system. Don't fret though. Comments posted under Blogger are still there, but you'll need to click on the post's permanent link to see them. So if you're browsing old posts from the main page and you're curious to know what comments have been left on a particular post, simply click on the permanent link to see them. As you might imagine the vast majority of our posts have few (or none, more likely) comments but some, such as the "What's Really Going on in Irving, TX" post is at 40+ comments and counting as people keep stumbling across the post and using it to report on new developments in apartment closings and whatnot in Irving. 

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