Thursday, September 04, 2008


I'm not one to make fun of people's religious beliefs. I've known very intelligent, kind, tolerant and open-minded people who firmly believe in God and I respect their beliefs even if I don't share them. But a lot of people hold these beliefs as well...including presumably the Republican VP nominee Sara Palin. There has to be a point at which most people are going to have to admit that this stuff is a little...well, crazy. People of this ilk believe-literally-that Israel must continue to exist only so that it can be essentially obliterated prior to the reign of Christ on Earth. And there are people running the show in D.C. who believe this deep in their heart of hearts. That has to worry even non-liberal, moderately religious Americans just a little, right? Do you want someone's finger on the button who believes that the Bible might just require them to push it? 

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