Friday, September 05, 2008

The Speech

So I listened to most of the McCain speech last night and I have to say, it wasn't terrible. Obviously, McCain is not as good a public speaker as Obama, but most people aren't. I did think the speech drifted from subject to subject somewhat awkwardly, but it was hardly rambling. The speech doesn't resonate with me of course, but it seemed to do the trick for the Republicans in the audience. It was amusing to hear the audience cheer as McCain lambasted the Republican party for its failings, as the party's failings are largely a result of who the people in attendance have sent to Washington in the past. But that was simply part of McCain's bipartisan schtick, which was hardly an unexpected turn for so noteworthy a speech. It was also amusing to hear McCain pledge to adopt the best ideas of both sides without actually appearing to adopt any Democratic ideas in his speech, but that was also expected. And whatever you think of McCain, he does have this way of coming off like a kindly old grand-father when he tries, so the instinct to hold the man above the dirty tricks of his party is somewhat understandable. Anyway, I don't know how many swing voters he swayed with his speech, but all in all I'd say it was a decent effort.


Dan said...

With all that talk about "fight" last night, it's clear what Mccain has on his mind. He also pointed the finger at Iran and Russia in the same breath! What the heck is going on! Get this senile clown out of the way - let the real leader of the free world take over the Whitehouse and turn that mutha black.
We should all fear the future if Mccain becomes President. He will reinstitute the draft, go to war with Iran, North Korea, Russia... and then die... and leave it to Palin.
Imagine that... a hockey mom running all that mess.
Why always figthing!!?? I don't get it! Why are Americans so damn angry?

You can always take the much, much safer bet, and vote for Obama!

adam said...

I think he failed to tell the American people what he actually would do to help their lives. I really thought it was boring until he started talking about how he was a POW, but I'm sure it excited the base.

Kellen T. from San Diego, CA said...

I lost my job from a down economy, and many family friends I know are losing their homes which is a direct result of spending billions of dollars in Iraq each month due to a decision from the Bush administration and the lack of care for the economy. I am that 6.1% unemployment statistic and the millions of homes in foreclosures, the rise in price of groceries and gas... all direct results from the Republican party. Experience, no experience, doesn't matter. McCain is experienced alright, 26 yrs to be exact, but his experienced voted with Bush more than 90% of the time. Experience isn't everything which is obvious because the GOP choose Palin. I am the middle class, unemployed and uninsured!
How do you think I feel and why should I support the GOP again? I voted for Bush. I am voting for Obama this time.