Monday, September 22, 2008

Good Sports Weekend

It was a good weekend for Dallas sports franchises, as the Dallas Cowboys got their first win ever at Lambeau Field (seriously?) and FC Dallas thrashed the Chicago Fire. I can't believe the Cowboys have visited Green Bay only six times in their history, given how frequently they've played them throughout the years (including one of the most famous games in NFL history.) The team turned out a solid performance , giving up the first touchdown only at a meaningless point in the 4th quarter. The rest of the NFC East is doing well too though, so 3-0 is only good enough to stay tied with the Giants for first in the division and a game ahead of the Redskins and the Eagles (though the Cowboys own a tiebreaker against Philly thanks to last week's win.)

FC Dallas got off to a great start, with new forward Jeff Cunningham scoring in the first ninety seconds of the game. He scored again before the end of the game, along with Pitchkolan and Guarda to finish with a 4-1 win in Chicago. The win permits fans such as myself to maintain the illusion that FC Dallas could both get in the playoffs and do well there, but a win and an uncertain future is always better than a certain premature end to the season.

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