Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Obama to Coach West Ham United?

HOW DID I MISS THIS NEWS? Barack Obama apparently is a soccer fan and (in a sure sign of a very serious soccer fan) a follower of the English Premiership, and in particular the club West Ham United. You really, really have to be a SERIOUS fan of the EPL to follow a club like West Ham (even though they did play and lose to the MLS all-stars in July) and not say, Man United or Arsenal or even Liverpool like only passing fans of the EPL (such as myself) might. And at least according to this betting site, someone's willing to bet money that Obama will be the next in line to replace West Ham's recently departed coach. While I don't imagine that the Obama campaign has been contacted by the West Ham ownership with any serious offers, this information only secures in my mind that Obama's sound judgment-as demonstrated by his love of soccer and his loyalty to the greatest soccer league in the world the EPL-makes him deserving of an office in the White House. 

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Pstyle said...

indeed. If Obama is a footbal fan that would be enough to give him my vote. Of course I cannot vote, becasue I'm not i the US, or a US citizen . .