Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Arkansas Initiative Faltering

I wrote in August about a ballot iniatiative put forth in Arkansas by the conservative Family Council that would ban unmarried couples from adopting. The initiative is of course aimed at gay couples who wish to adopt, but anti-gay activists couldn't care less about the over-inclusiveness of their initiatives as long as it manages to hit some gays in the process. NPR reports though that the initiative is faltering though, and recent polls indicate that a majority of Arkansans are opposed to the measure. Jerry Cox, director of the Family Council Action Committee, is quoted in the piece as saying that the Family Council sponsored this measure because they were concerned about the welfare of adopted children and wnated to blunt the "gay agenda" which is using these children as "pawns to gain legitimacy for the gay lifestyle", or in other words, gays are adopting children only so they can indoctrinate them about the virtues of gay life or (gasp!) turn them gay. Never mind that Arkansas is struggling to find enough foster parents for all the children who need foster care, and that without the option of being adopted by gay parents, many of these children will grow up never having known a stable household or two parents who love them; to people like Cox, kids are better off in institutions being fed cold porridge than they are with two parents who can provide for them if thsoe parents are gay. If the trend holds, a majority of Arkansans will indicate on Nov. 4th that they disagree. 

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