Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Debate II

With just four weeks left and Obama dominating in both national and state polls, McCain need a big, game-changing win tonight and he just didn't have it. Like the last debate, pundits called it a tie or modest Obama win, and the flash polls show people thought Obama won handily. John "Town Hall" McCain didn't benefit much from the format, as Obama did a good job connecting with people.

Most positive moment: Obama talking about health care and his mother

Most negative moment: McCain referring to Obama as "that one" (even Wolf Blitzer called him out of this!)

The bottom line is this debate either changed nothing, which helps Obama since he's ahead in the race, or it further improved Obama's standing among voters. There's only one more debate in which McCain can hit it out or Obama can screw up. Given the failure of the bogus Ayers attack from Palin this week (wasn't it great the Obama team responded with Keating 5 and Singlaub? This is the Democratic campaign we've been waiting for!), it could be the last (foreseen) event that can affect either candidates' standings in this race.

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