Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Proposition Update

My apologies for not keeping you updated last night on the various propositions of note; I simply had my hands full keeping up with various House and Senate races, and races here in Texas. That being said, here's where we stand this morning:


Proposition 8 (defining marriage as between a man and a woman): Well, despite declarations that the proposition was both failing and passing, it remains too close to call this morning. 95% of precincts are reporting and "yes" leads by four percent but there's reluctance to call it until almost all votes are counted.

Proposition 2 (requires improvements in the treatment of factory farmed animals): this measure passed easily, by a whopping 27%.


Amendment 48: a measure that would defined "personhood" from the moment of conception was utterly destroyed, losing by 50%.

South Dakota:

Initiated Measure 11: a less restrictive version of the abortion ban that failed in 2006, this measure also goes down in flames.


Proposed Initiative 1: a measure to ban unmarried couples (gays, that is) from adopting or serving as foster parents passes. Arkansas children suffer.


Proposition 102: bans gay marriage; passed.


Marriage Protection Amendment: even though gay marriage is already illegal in Florida, this measure changes the constitution just to be on the safe side (you can never be too careful with those gays, I guess.) It passed with 62% of the vote.

So the Christian moralists gain no traction on the issue of abortion, but apparently appeals to discrimination against gays still work. I sincerely hope change in that regard is not too far down the road.

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