Friday, February 13, 2009

(Updated) Congress passes stimulus

The House of Representatives just passed the bill 246 to 183, with the Senate set to vote later this evening. No Republicans voted for the bill this time either (even though it has the biggest tax cuts in history), but there were less Democratic defections.

UPDATE: The Senate just passed the bill 60-38 (Sen. Kennedy was unable to make the vote). Sen. Sherrod Brown was flown in by the White House to cast the deciding "aye" vote and will fly back out to Ohio to attend funeral services for his mother who died earlier in the week (yes, the Republicans really suck). Of course, that wouldn't even be necessary if Norm Coleman would just let Al Franken finally be seated...

President Barack Obama will sign the legislation into law on Tuesday in Denver, marking a victory of unprecedented proportions after just 28 days in office.

UPDATE: A good summary of what's actually in the package.

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