Friday, February 20, 2009

Obama Singles Out Texas

President Obama responds to Gov. Perry's ridiculous grandstanding:

President Barack Obama singled out Texas today as a state that could lose out under the huge stimulus plan because its governor may reject some funds.

Obama made the comments in a session with dozens of U.S. mayors, among them leaders from Dallas, Houston and Laredo.

"The president … joked about the fact that we need transit dollars in Houston, although the governor of Texas has said that maybe Texas won’t take money from the stimulus bill," Houston Mayor Bill White recounted afterward.


Dallas Mayor Tom Leppert said the stimulus will bring at least $20 million to $50 million for the city, and perhaps far more – enough to save or create thousands of jobs. Like White, Leppert expressed little interest in seeing Texas reject federal largesse.

"You can argue with the program from a philosophical standpoint, but it’s been implemented now," he said. "These programs are going to be made available one way or the other. If they’re not spent in Texas they’re going to be spent someplace else."

The money's already there Governor. Bitch and moan as much you want, but take it.

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