Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Tonight is the final night of the NBA's regular season, and it has so far not disappointed in terms of drama and excitement. The Mavericks looked like they were going to let Houston run away with the game and the fourth seed in the West, but then they just blew up on Houston, finishing with a nine point victory. Of course they also needed help from New Orleans, who proceeded to lose in OT after letting Michael Finley hit a three to tie the game at the buzzer. That leaves the Mavs with the sixth seed in the West, and San Antonio with the third, meaning they'll face each other in yet another post-season contest starting on Sunday. Neither team is in the same position they were in when they met to battle for a chance to go to the Western conference finals in 2006, but these two teams have engaged in some epic battles over the last ten years and if we're lucky, this contest will be no different.

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