Friday, August 29, 2008

McCain's VP

McCain has made his pick for Vice President, and he has chosen...Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska. My response is...who? Since frankly I don't know anything about this person or the reasons McCain would choose her, I'll leave that to the experts.


Anonymous said...

obama/biden 08 is all i have to say!

Anonymous said...

Sarah Palin is not the person this country needs, somebody needs to ask her about doing cocaine in her garage, even check out her pregant 16 year old she tried to hide from everybody still by placing her baby and big blanket over Bristol's (her daughter)belly and best yet, she is under investigation in alaska for abuse of power cause she wanted her stripper sister's exhusband (a state trooper) (Trooper Wooten) fired and the Trooper head shed would not do it so Sarah had him fired, now we have an ivestigation in Alaska, truth - check it out

Anonymous said...

It is funny that John McCain chose Sara Palin as his Vice-Presidential running mate. Usually the Republicans wait till they have been in office for awhile, then they start haveing scandles come to light. But, not McCain he decided to start early with Palin. Guess he just needed to get a head start with her being investigated for abuse of power as Governor. Look at all the other ignorant,illthought,stupid,and exercise of poor judgement thought's and things that he has said over the past nineteen months. You people voting for him really need to wake up. He will do more harm posibly ten times worse than King George Bush did in eight years. Please for the sake of our country the United States of America don't put another ignorant uncaring fool back in the White House. Not even a token Female who was qouted on the role of the Vice-President saying "I don't even know what the Vice-President does or the responsibilities of the office", we can't afford for two people to take courses on economics as well as courses on the Vice-Presidentcy. This is no time for on the job training. Please vote responsibly Democrat 2008!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!