Friday, October 10, 2008

McCain asks his supporters to be respectful; they say no

How funny:

LAKEVILLE, Minn. -- Sen. John McCain responded Friday to the increasingly angry crowds at his rallies and town halls by urging them to be respectful of his rival, Sen. Barack Obama, despite their deep policy differences with the Democratic nominee.

Speaking to skeptical supporters at a town hall in this Minneapolis suburb, McCain prompted boos from his crowd when he called Obama "a decent person" and told an expectant father that he does "not have to be scared if he is President of the United States."

"We want to fight and I want to fight, but we will be respectful," McCain said, also prompting loud boos when he declared that he admires Obama's accomplishments. "I want everyone to be respectful and let's be sure we are ... That doesn't mean you have to reduce your ferocity.
It's just got to be respectful."

I don't think McCain would be saying any such thing if not for the negative effect he knows this kind of thing has on more moderate voters. But still, it's funny that he's telling people that Obama is at least a regular person and so many people on his side simply can't accept that.

As further evidence that many McCain supporters (especially the most right-wing ones) are indeed irrational, I saw a great example of fear-mongering and xenophobia today. Driving on MacArthur, I noticed a new Charger driven by a middle-aged white man with a Barack Obama mask in the rear window. A full head mask that is. Beneath it was a sign that said "No more Husseins." Sigh...Oh, and at the gas station there was a sign on top of the pump that was saying you get a free coffee if you vote for one of the Presidental nominees in some online survey. It showed one coffee cup labeled Obama and one labeled McCain. Somebody had taken a marker and scribbled lines over Obama's cup. So silly.

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